Who Is Alex

Passionate. Experienced. Inspiring

Who Is Alex

Alex Evans was born in September 1986 and was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome aged 13.

What Alex Does

Alex's objective is to dispel myths and break down the barriers and misconceptions some people have about the condition.

How He Works

Alex assists professionals, parents and carers in how best to support those with autism; to make working with them a more positive and productive partnership.

His Story


When Alex was 13 years old he received a diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome.


He accepts that he was a difficult and challenging teenager and during these years his life was a turbulent rollercoaster. Alex has journeyed through being bullied, depression, suicide attempts, psychiatric units, residential care, addictions, many jobs, the criminal justice system, relationships – an abundance of life experiences. From this perspective, he provides inspiring presentations with enthusiasm and humour. He intersperses his training with lyrics he has penned during the different and difficult stages in his life.

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Alex says it took 25 years for him to finally grow up and take responsibility for his actions. Not only has he accepted his diagnosis, but he now embraces autism. He is passionate about raising awareness of autistic spectrum conditions to help others with autism, their parents/carers and professionals.


Alex achieved a PTTLS qualification enabling him to teach adults in the life long learning sector. He was subsequently appointed to the post of Assistant Recovery Trainer for the Health & Care NHS Trust. Since word has spread about Alex’s impressive training style, he has appeared as a guest speaker on the same platform as renowned Autism speakers including Dr Wenn Lawson, Sarah Hendrickx, Professor Simon Baron-Cohen and Rudy Simone.


He is a recipient of a Speaking of Difference “Inspiring Young Speaker 2013/2014” profile. Alex is also featured as a co-author in David Hyner’s Amazon bestselling educational resource book “The big mistakes teachers make and how to avoid them.”


Alex has presented on behalf of the British Psychological Society on autism and the criminal justice system. He subsequently featured in an article in the Psychologist Journal (October 2014). More recently, Alex has spoken at the House of Commons on the subject of criminal justice for the All Party Parliamentary Committee on Autism. He has presented as a Plenary Speaker for the National Autistic Society, lectures at Gloucestershire University and continues to speak at various conferences.


Aside from training, Alex thoroughly enjoys volunteering at an autism support group for teenagers. Alex has always maintained a keen interest in sport which has been his saving grace in life. He is a member of the Midlands Region Hockey Association for Halesowen and he is a previous captain of the club. In addition, Alex assists as a sport co-ordinator for adults on the autism spectrum.

He has recently become a father to a beautiful daughter.

His Goals

His objective is to dispel myths and break down the barriers and misconceptions
some people have about the condition.

Alex's absolute passion is to assist professionals in how best to support those with autism, the goal is to make working with people with autism a more positive and productive partnership.

He hopes through continued autism awareness training, to finally erode the pitfalls and barriers which can hinder those on the spectrum. This in turn will remove the shackles in order for them to unlock their potential. The training is a combination of both the pros and cons of living with the condition. The two fit together like Yin and Yang which gives the delivery both structure and balance.

Alex whole heartily believes with the correct support measures in place, a greater awareness and understanding of autism that together we can ALL make the difference which can be instrumental in changing people's lives for the better.

In Action

Here's a taster of what Alex does...

Topics Covered

A unique personal perspective on everything Alex discusses

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Mental Health

Alex's experiences as an in- patient in various psychiatric wards and a private autism hospital. Depression, suicide attempts and self-harm. A serious topic and a very powerful and moving presentation in Alex's inimitable style. Interspersed with self deprecating and wry humour.

Criminal Justice System

The characteristics of autism which can unwittingly lead people into the criminal justice system, either as victims or as offenders. Police interview guidance. Alex presented on this topic as a Plenary Speaker for the National Autistic Society's International Conference. He has also spoken at the House of Commons on behalf of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism.

School / Education

Alex's personal account of the highs and the lows of attending mainstream school Different teaching styles – what helped, what hindered. Bullying. Detentions. The inspirational people who had a profound effect on his life.

Troubled Aspie Teens

Alex has given this popular talk to parents/carers and health professionals working with challenging teenagers on the autistic spectrum. A frank, honest and open account of his difficult teenage years with practical advice on how to assist these teenagers.

Addictive Behaviors

Alex talks candidly about his personal battle with drugs and gambling during his teenage years. He discusses how he has managed to move forward and turn his life around.


A huge range of employment from gardener to sales consultant.... from factory floor to office. Alex performed well at interviews, but unfortunately he could not sustain his employment due to difficulties related to his Aspergers Syndrome.


Alex talks about his personal experiences. Relationships between aspies and neuro-typicals / aspies and aspies; the pros and cons of each. Guidance for first time dating.

Coping Strategies/Top Tips & Hints

Guidance for parents/carers and professionals

Bespoke Talks

Alex is also able to offer bespoke talks to suit your individual requirements. Please get in touch and he will do his best to accommodate your needs.


Alex has delivered training and presented to a wide audience

National Autistic Society
Universities & Schools
County Councils & Local Authorities
Healthcare Professionals

House of Commons
Accredited Autism Courses
Autism Support Groups
Professional Care Providers
Parents & Carers


Alex is an inspirational speaker who always gets a positive reaction.

  • Alex is a natural speaker; people will benefit no end from hearing him.

    Dr Wenn Lawson

  • Alex is a great speaker who would enhance any event. He endears himself to his audience with his humour, honesty and self-awareness. He's professional, prepares well and takes his work very seriously to ensure that what he delivers is what the audience needs. Alex is a joy to work with and I'd recommend him to anyone wanting an insight into life with autism.

    Sarah Hendrickx

  • Alex is an engaging and informative speaker.

    Rudy Simone

  • It was a pleasure and privilege to work with Alex delivering training to NHS and Social Care staff in Worcestershire.  His presentations were extremely well received which was reflected in his feedback.  Alex makes a lasting impact on all who attended, with professionals talking to me months afterwards about his presentation.  He is highly professional, always well prepared and reliable.  His skills continued to develop throughout the time we worked together.  I would recommend anyone to attend one of his talks to hear a personal perspective on living with Asperger Syndrome.

    Dr Colm Magee (Chartered Clinical Psychologist)

  • It is the personal experience of people like Alex that absolutely help to make the issue of autism in the criminal justice system real to Parliamentarians

    Cheryl Gillan, MP

  • Alex speaks to our students on the undergraduate social work programme. He has been very well received and students have described him as ‘inspirational’. His open and honest accounts of living with autism cannot fail to be thought provoking and challenge common perceptions of disability. He is very engaging and a natural public speaker.

    Emma Perry, Senior Lecturer in Social Work, Gloucestershire University

  • Alex, I was in the workshop on Friday afternoon and felt I must write to say a very big thank you.  I am one of the older students and have sat through an awful lot of lectures, seminars and workshops and can honestly say that the hour you gave was simply the most inspirational one of them all. I previously worked in schools for twelve years and wish it was possible to 'clone' you so that all children in primary and secondary schools could hear you speak as I witnessed many going through similar experiences you described and feel that support and knowledge is greatly lacking in educational settings.  

    Social Work Undergraduate

  • Absolutely fantastic! A real eye opener, came across as an extremely eloquent speaker which really woke up my awareness and total admiration for his honesty and openess.

    NHS care worker

  • Absolutely captivating, an amazing talk. Alex must go national. Never been to a training session quite like this before. The lyrics were phenomenal, such a talented and gifted young man.

    Assistant psychologist

  • Wow! What a moving presentation, please pass on my thanks for how Alex deepened my understanding and awareness. He had me in tears one minute and laughing the next. Totally and utterly mind blowing!

    Teaching Assistant

  • Amazing talk, Very powerful - children and families I work with would benefit from hearing the talk. The raps made it very teenager friendly.

    Social Worker

  • Alex was a truly inspirational speaker who brought home how difficult it can be living with HFA and what I can do as a healthcare professional, to help making working together a more positive and productive partnership.

    Mental Health Care Assistant

  • Stunning, put himself and his experiences over very well. He said more in his presentation than many text books are able to.

    Speech and Language Therapist

  • A fabulous teacher and orator, you could have heard a pin drop in the room! Alex, keep raising awareness, you are simply amazing and an inspiration to everyone. Good luck

    Parent of autistic child

  • Alex's lyrics were fantastic and brought the situation he was in to life. It is not something I will forget.

    Support Worker

  • Powerful messages straight from the lip. Having no experience of Aspergers, I found the talk professionally inspirational. Alex should get published and linked into politics and media.

    Health Care Professional

A Beautiful Mind

This is dedicated to all those haters
who pre-judged me and called me a freak
Yeah, hearing that made me demotivated and weak
so listen now to these words that I speak.


My table has not only turned, it’s become well unstable
the blunt knife represents my unique, crazy life
It’s teetering on the brink
I need to protect my fragile mind
lock it up tight, not subject it to any sunlight.


Let’s hope that 2014 is the year I finally make it
even when the going gets tough, trust I’ll just grin and bear it
I have encountered many thieves, numpties and greedy people
who spin countless webs of lies
I have a list longer than Schindler’s of people I despise.


As superficially articulate as I am, just scratch beneath the surface
and you will find a truly broken man
People are under the false impression
that being an unemployed scrounger is a life of Riley
Well, take the jam out of that roll, how would it taste?
I would call it pretty bland
Perhaps by the end of the session, you just might understand


So you can definitely call me a two-timer
I’ve cheated a few times on death, yet still I love life
I aim to make a difference, until my last dying breath
In hospital I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel
it’s the shifting sands of time without any bottom
guess that also applies to the starlets of Hollywood


Now who here has ever endured TRUE sleep deprivation?
be honest with me, would you still retain your motivation?
I have gone from picking songs I want played at my funeral
to thinking smart and dressing more suitable
The autistic life is a never ending story
after 23 months of Nurse Ratcheds and a couple of Nightingales
maybe now I will be able to bask
in some well-deserved glory.

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